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Y’all see this nigga? This is the most gangsta ass nigga of all fucking time.





You can’t even name one nigga, aint ONE nigga more gangsta than mother fuckin Goku.

Look at this nigga’s list of accomplishments:

  • Took down Red Ribbon Gang by himself
  • Killed his own brother for fucking with his gang
  • Leader of the ‘Z-fighters’, most notorious gang in the entire fucking universe.
  • Died twice, and still keeps thugging.
  • Nigga achieved the legendary transformation his people have been trying to perfect for generations—and surpasses it 3 more fucking times.
  • Everyone wants to challenge him because he is notorious af
  • They bioengineered some niggas JUST to kill him and still got they ass whooped
  • Niggas come from other planets lookin to get they ass beat by Goku

Reblog if you know in your heart Goku is a real nigga.

I’m naming my first born after him.

(Source: raianxionsin)

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